Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why does my nail polish peel off?

It doesn't chip, but the entire piece peels off my nail.Why does my nail polish peel off?
You probably are using too much base coat or cheap nailpolish. Try OPI start to finish base and top coat. The nailpolish will last for weeks, and to keep it lastiong longer use OPI chip skip. Just put it on every day and it will keep your nailpolish from chipping.Why does my nail polish peel off?
Cheap nail polish perhaps? This happens to me if I use Wet n Wild nail polish, or cheaper.

There may be a possibility that you are putting too much on. If there are too many layers applied the nail pretty much rejects it because it can't breathe

Also, try sanding your nail, put a base coat (thinly) then apply your nail polish.

For a brand I use Sally Hansen Xtreme wear.
how long do you let it dry for? sometimes the chemicals in it dont have enough time to harden before they are put to use. if you dont dry them for at least 10 minutes the chemicals wont spread and harden leaving you with polish that peels off quicker then if you let it dry.
I agree with Together... You probably put too much polish on . Don't put more than 2 coats, but put 1 coat then wait till' it is completely dry then put the 2nd coat and if you desire you can put a top coat and base coat.
because you don't put on over coat. You have to put clear coat on before the real nail polish and then you put it on the top too.
put a clear top coat on after to give it extra staying power :0

please answer mine!;鈥?/a>

thanks x
It must be the kind you're buying.. Try getting one that's more pricey.. It's better quality. :) xxx
thats weird...maybe u put on too much..try thinning the coat on ur nail

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